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Why eRAD?
Our infrared heaters provide a long term, cost effective solution to your heating needs. Competitively priced, operating with absolute efficiency. At eRAD we are on the cutting edge of heating tech. eRAD provides a sophisticated, energy efficient and environmentally friendly heating option for your home. Our professional and friendly staff will help you along the way with any and all questions. Our heaters will have you enjoying your outdoor space all year.

Does infrared or radiant mean radiation?
No, our heaters’ heat and energy output is 100% safe for both people and animals; no matter how long or how frequently you use the heaters. There are no negative health consequences associated with far-infrared heat.

Can I mount my heater outdoors?
Yes, our heaters are rated IPX4 standard (safe from splashing water, but not waterproof). Perfect for that covered patio or gazebo.

What are eRAD heaters made from?
Our heaters are composed of an anodized aluminum alloy extrusion body with a ceramic black surface and specially designed heating elements within.

What comes included in the box? Is assembly required?
The box includes the heater, manual, remote control and adjustable wall/ceiling mounting brackets. The only assembly required is attaching the mounting brackets to the back of heater and then attaching the heater to a ceiling or wall. A licensed electrician should be consulted during installation.

How do I control my eRAD heater?
All heaters come equipped with a small handheld remote control to control the power, the different heat settings and also a timer function with preset settings of 2,4,8 hours. The heater is also compatible with third party home automation systems.

What are the dimensions of the heaters?

What is the coverage area of each eRAD heater?

How many and what size heaters are necessary for my space?
Please reach out to us at with your space dimensions (LxWxH). Also include any plans, pictures and descriptions of the location to assist us with giving you the options that work best.

What does the heat from the heaters feel like?
eRAD heaters provide even heating across the area they cover. Imagine the feeling you get sitting outside on a sunny day, or the feeling of being snuggled under your favorite blanket. This is the sensation eRAD heaters provide.  

Can eRAD heaters be installed indoors?
Yes, our heaters are designed for both indoor and outdoor use. We highly recommend infrared heating for indoor use. This alternative to traditional convection systems not only helps our customers save money on bills; it also promotes a much healthier allergen-free environment indoors.

Are the heaters expensive to run?
One of the best features of our heaters is the fact that they are energy efficient. The hourly cost to run the heater depends on the local pricing of your electric provider, the power(watts) the unit uses and amount of time(hours) you use the unit.
Ex. A 2400W unit being used for 4 hours at a per kilowatt hour cost of 13 cents(kwh) is $1.25/day.
2.4kW(power) x 4hours(time)= 9.6kWh(energy)
9.6kWh x $.13kWh=$1.25/day
You combine the low cost, the fact that it gives off no odor and the sophisticated look of the unit and you have a great addition to your home. Add to that our heaters’ ability to self-regulate electrical intake; storing heat within the ceramic plates (not drawing any additional electrical intake until the unit needs it) allows our heaters to operate with almost 100% efficiency.

What are the advantages of eRAD heaters over gas or propane heaters, like the “mushroom-type” patio heaters?
Unlike gas or propane heaters, eRAD infrared radiant heaters generate heat directly. They have significantly lower operating costs and a broader coverage area. Unlike “mushroom-type” patio heaters, eRAD infrared heaters spread the heat more evenly and require less maintenance due to not requiring the consumer to replace propane canisters. They also emit no smell or noise, because they operate with electricity (110-220V).

Where can I buy eRAD heaters?
eRAD heaters are available by calling 214-372-3872 and on our website
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